Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cafe Rio

Cafe Rio opened a restaurant here in Maryland today, not far from where we live. This makes grown men and little girls scream for joy. We no longer have to travel to Utah to fill this craving (we'll still travel to Utah to visit people). Cafe Rio in Maryland, Five Guys in Boise...worlds are colliding.


Emily said...

This couldn't have happened to nicer people.

Was the "first day" food prepared well enough?

Nice mustache.

I need to hear more about 5 guys from you. I've heard a lot of "not as good as In and Out" from others.

And now, dang, there's not a cafe rio on all of texas as far as i can tell. hungry . . .


James said...

I heard about the new Cafe Rio and I was almost going to email you in case you weren't aware but then I thought "nah, he knows". Congratulations. I only wish I could be there eating it with you.

p.s. you guys are adorable.