Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mr. Mom

Today is Amy's first day back at work, which means its also my first day staying home with Abigaelle. So far I haven't done too bad, she's been changed, fed, and is napping quielty at the moment. Of course it's only been a few hours, so we'll see what sort of disaster zone the house is by the time Amy gets home :)

I figured I'd take advantage of nap time to post a few videos so you can all be jealous that I get to spend the day with this cute little person. See how cute she sleeps:

Abi has recently discovered this nightlight:

She's starting to use her hands more, grabbing things, hugging stuffed animals, even helping turn the pages in her books! Her she is demonstrating the use of a rattle:

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emily said...

looks like you're a pretty capable SAHD. lucky lu and lucky you! good luck with the rest of today!