Monday, February 2, 2009

Paul's Wedding

Paul's wedding took place on Tuesday evening, January 27th, in front of a fireplace in this cozy inn. The only people staying there were wedding guests. That made for a nice homey atmosphere. My dad (Amy's dad) was the official photographer, but Aaron took a few pictures also -see below. We had an excellent 4 course dinner after the ceremony and a lot of fun chatting with the family. Everything was beautiful.
On Wednesday morning they served up a rich breakfast of cheese blintzes. Paul and Heather left for their honeymoon in Las Vegas. We slept in a little and everyone except Aunt Jill had farther to drive than us, so we were almost the last ones to leave. Unfortunately, our battery was dead and would not charge when we tried to jump start it. Aunt Jill waited with me while Aaron and the manager of the Inn finally got it started. When we got home and turned off the car in the parking lot it would not start again. (Later we took it to be repaired. We originally thought it was the alternator, but it turned out to be a bad connection and cables to the battery.)

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