Monday, February 16, 2009

Back to my natural habitat

My mom often told me that the pool was my "natural habitat". I guess I'm kind of clumsy on land or something. A couple weeks ago, I had my 6week check-up and the midwife gave me the green light to start swimming again. That Saturday we introduced Abi to our local pool. I love that fresh chlorine smell! Loud kids yelling and splashing my new little baby bothered me, but Abi did not seem to mind. She was wearing this huge white rubber cover mandated by the facility and her hands and feet turned purple from the cold, but she did not cry or fuss. That's my girl! Aaron and I played with her in the kiddie pool and then they had a rest on the bleachers while I did my laps.


Tiffany said...

Wow Amy that is so cute! Abi is a young swimmer! :) Watching you in the pool totally brings back memories from BYU. I loved swimming with you!

aj&e said...

so you know that with all these swim lessons and team practices i am giving, emi and i swim several times a week? i swear we live such similar lives in parallel lanes. we have got to get it together! abi is gorgeous and i am so sad i missed monday night... :(