Monday, February 2, 2009

Abigaelle's blessing

We're a little behind on blogging. We've had an eventful week and a half. Last Sunday (the 25th of January), we performed Abigaelle's blessing in Sacrament meeting. I was able to give Abi her blessing and we had a good number of men on hand to stand in the circle--my dad and Amy's dad were there, along with Jim, our friend Andru Wheeler, and our Bishopric. My parents came into town the Thursday before the blessing and stayed until Tuesday. We were happy that they could come spend so much time with little Abi. My brother came down from New York City with Zazel, Amy's brother Paul came with his fiancee Heather, Linda and Jim came down from New York, as did Tom and Goomie. We were fortunate to be able to plan the blessing to coincide with Paul and Heather's wedding last Tuesday, which was down in Virginia so a lot of people were able to stop halfway for the blessing, then continue on down to the wedding (more on the wedding in the next post).

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