Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Month Day!

Today marks Abigaelle's one month day, it's hard to believe it's gone by so fast! We're celebrating with a four-day weekend (MLK day today and the inauguration tomorrow). Abi went to Church for the first time yesterday. She slept through all three hours, which goes to show that she takes after her daddy. Here are the latest pictures of our cutie pie:


emily said...

happy monthday! i love the: rainbow star sweater, boone lion quilt, smiling at daddy, seeing the beautifull mommy, and most of all, the cute rosy-skinned ABIGAELLE!!!! wish i could come see her this week. we'll have to skype sometime soon, after all the company's gone.

Brent Stoddard said...

Sleeping in church and drooling everywhere - sounds like Aaron

Starnes fam said...

She is beautiful!