Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Make that Abigaelle Lucia :)

That's right, we decided to give her a middle name. We had planned to use Abigaelle by itself, but when we were about to fill out the paperwork for her birth certificate we decided to think about a middle name one last time. I got online and started reading names off to Amy, when we got to "Lucia" Amy and I both felt like that was the right one. It fits for a number of reasons: my mom's dad's mom (I suppose great-grandmother works), was named Lucy, as were a number of other ancestors. Great-grandma Lucy was born on Dec. 20th, a day after Abigaelle Lucia. Also there is apparently a holiday that is celebrated in Scandinavia on December 13th called Saint Lucia Day, which historically was celebrated around the Winter Solstice (also Dec. 20th this year). We also like the nickname possibilities that Lucia gives us: we were already thinking of calling her Abi, but now we also have the option of Abi Lu.

If you're wondering where we came up with the spelling of Abigaelle, here's how (if you've been reading the blog you might be able to guess): it comes from the name of Amy's best friend from France: Gaelle. We liked the name Abigail, and found that it was the perfect opportunity to name her after Gaelle, and to give it a unique spelling.

Little Abi Lu is now five days old and is doing very well, as is Amy. We were discharged from the hospital on Sunday afternoon and have really enjoyed being home with Abigaelle. She sleeps a lot, wakes up often to eat, and occasionally makes a mess for daddy to clean up. She's been a very tranquil baby so far, only crying when she's hungry, sometimes when we change her diaper, and sometimes in her car seat. Oh and we gave her her first bath yesterday, which she most certainly did not enjoy. When she's awake and alert she likes to open her eyes wide and look all around, she moves her arms and legs and likes to hold mommy and daddy's hands. If we sit her up or put her on our should to burp, she'll hold her head up and look around.

Abigaelle had her first visit from Grandpa Riggs, who drove down yesterday for an overnight visit. Abi showed Pops some of her talents, including sleeping quietly (which she did on his lap for most of the time), and posing for pictures. It was fun to see Tom and we're glad he could come to see his granddaughter. We're looking forward to having more visitors soon.

We've taken Abi to the pediatrician a couple times, just to follow up on her weight loss and a possibility of jaundice. Fortunately she seems to be doing well on both counts. When we left the hospital her weight was down to 9 pounds 2 ounces (from 9lbs 10oz), and she was showing just a little bit of yellowness. When we took her in to the pediatrician on Monday she was down to 8 pounds 12 ounces (which is right around the maximum 10% that newborns can lose before doctors start to worry). We were a little worried but were happy find on Tuesday when we went back that she had gained an ounce to 8lbs 13oz. The little bit of yellow seems to have gone away too. We're happy that she's healthy.

We've had a few deliveries from Santa in the past few days and Abi Lu is excited to tear into her presents tomorrow. We'll be sure to take pictures. Here are some from the past 3 days:

Here's some video of Abi awake and hiccuping, among other things. It's three minutes of fun--if you watch the whole thing, you're probably a grandparent :)


emily said...

very very very fabulous. sssoooo cute.

merry christmas eve!

Brooke said...

Amy! She is beautiful! I am so happy for you guys! Congrats! Love ya!