Friday, December 12, 2008

Flash Pumba

We like early Christmas gifts around here. In anticipation of our rapidly approaching need to take lots of pictures inside our apartment, I asked Santa for a new flash for my camera (one of those fancy big ones). Since the baby could come any day now, we needed Santa to make an early delivery, which he did (thanks Santa!) To practice taking pictures with the new flash, I used our test baby--our hamster Pumba. And since it wouldn't be a full test if I didn't then post the pictures for everyone to see, here they are (isn't she cute?):

We recently moved Pumba out of the baby's room and into the dining room area, where she promptly figured out exactly when our mealtimes are. As soon as any kind of food comes out she wakes up and scrambles around her cage trying to attract attention, climbing to the top of it to be closer to the food. Other things we've learned to do with our test baby hamster include (1) keeping her locked up in a cage most of the time, (2) putting her in a plastic ball equals hours of fun, and (3) we can leave her alone for long weekends with just a pile of food and fresh water and bedding. I figure those tactics work on real babies too, right?

For those who are keeping track--yes, the due date was yesterday, and no, the baby hasn't been born yet. We'll let you all know as soon as she comes :)


emily said...

your baby has adorable fingers! some camera!

she could probably use a crib bumper with all those bars, though.

my favorite midwife is on 20/20 tonight--don't know if you'll get this in time or if you want anything disturbing your focus, but just in case . . .

also, my kids were 6, 7, and 8 days "late"--the longer they cook the cuter they are.

Brent Stoddard said...

The baby looks and smells like Aaron. How cute.

Jeremy said...

I think all of your baby facts are legit. I also heard that babies can fit into holes the size of a quarter and that they'll eat the carpet if they get loose. Crazy babies.