Monday, November 24, 2008

Indian Wedding Party

My friends Rupa and Matt got married November 1 and 2. They had a Catholic ceremony on Saturday morning and then Hindi parties and ceremonies on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. I went to India with Rupa, her mom, and her sister to buy her wedding clothes almost 2 years ago. It was one of my favorite trips. India is an incredible place. It is on my list of places where I would like to live.


Emily said...

wow, that's beautiful! what a treat to attend! it's crazy that you could still have the henna on your hand when the baby comes; i've got to call you guys, i want to hear how the bradley classes are going.

DydyGuet said...

Oh Amy you look great nice dressed as an indian. With your cute belly. i know you stop working right? only 16 days to go! all the best wishes for a healthy delivery!