Thursday, October 30, 2008

France: Mont Saint Michel

Here are some more pictures from our trip to France. We visited Mont Saint-Michel, which is a cool little town and monastery built on a tidal island--when the tide is up, it becomes an island, and when the tide is down, it is no longer an island. Check out wikipedia for a better explanation of that. It looks almost like a fairy tale town--I think it kind of resembles the Disney castle. We were able to walk up through some winding streets and then take pretty extensive tour of the inside of the abbey.

You'll see in the pictures that the tide was out while we were there. We had hoped to be able to watch the tide come in, but you have to time your visit pretty well for that. We did, however, get a few pictures of some ghosts in the abbey (ghosts that look surprisingly like Amy and I).

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Mark said...

Wow! Wow! Those are fantastic shots! Unbelievable! I vote for a Taye reunion in France. What was the history of that castle (?). Did serfs work the land? How old is it? You are so good with the camera, I felt like I was looking at a coffee-table book. We sure are looking forward the birth of Markette -- just kidding. But seriously, we can't wait for a new cousin around here! Mark.