Sunday, September 14, 2008


This post is long overdue--you can blame me for being a camera nerd who likes to endlessly edit and re-edit pictures. At the end of May Amy and I went on a trip to France to visit Gaelle and her family. Amy lived with the Fournis family for her junior year of high school, and then Gaelle lived with Amy's family during their senior year. I had never been to France (or Europe) before, so I was eager to go, and Amy was excited to see the Fournis family again and show me around Brittany (Bretagne). Gaelle and her husband Emmanuel were gracious enough to let us stay with them for an extended period. They and the Fournis family also fed us generously (very well, I might add--Amy was right about the high quality of French food). We had a great time visiting them and the rest of the Fournis family.

This was such a great trip that we're going to dedicate a bunch of blog entries to it. I've broken our pictures into groups corresponding to the different places we visited, and we will post a group or two at a time.

Amy arrived in France a few days before me, so she got to have some nice girl time with Gaelle. I flew in to Paris on Saturday the 24th and we rented a car to drive out to Lannion, where Gaelle and Emmanuel live. It was a long flight and we arrived late that night, so I ended up doing a lot of "meditation" at church the next day. After church we went to Gaelle's parents house, where Amy lived when she was in high school. It is a nice old manor house called Le Mengleuz. We had a triple birthday party plus Mother's day celebration! Rozenn, Jade and Amy were all having or had recently had birthdays. They gave Amy lots of nice presents, and we had three cakes! I surprised Amy with a nice bottle of her favorite perfume (Marc Jacobs Daisy). She wasn't expecting me to bring it because of the hassle with bringing liquids on airplanes. Here are some pictures from that day:

The next day we went with Gaelle to visit the Granite Rose Coast (more on that in the next post, I took lots of pictures there). After the coast we went back to Lannion and walked around downtown to see some of the old buildings and the cathedral. Here are some pictures from Lannion:

As I said there will be lots more France pictures on the blog in the next few weeks. To the Fournis family: thank you SOOO much for your hospitality and for making us so comfortable on our visit! We hope to see you again soon (come visit!).

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