Wednesday, December 17, 2008

France: Lannion Market, Treguier, and Plougrescant

No, the baby hasn't come yet, despite all the walking Amy did today while shopping. Her last day of work was last friday, so she is now doing Christmas shopping and sewing some homemade gifts and otherwise filling the time until the baby comes. Also, it appears that the little baby countdown gadget on our blog doesn't know how to handle overdue babies--it says 6 days to go, which is really 6 days overdue...

In the meantime, here are some more pictures from our trip to France. After returning from the D-Day beaches we spent some time closer to Lannion, where Gaelle and Emmanuel live. We went to the outdoor market in Lannion, and then to a town called Treguier that has a pretty cool cathedral with lots of Breton symbols. We also made it briefly up to Plougrescant, a little community on the coast that has some cool houses built in-between rocks. I would have liked to explore the rocks and houses a bit more, but we ran out of time so we'll have to go back next time. One of my favorite pictures is one near the end of the slideshow--the little church in Plougrescant that has walls that go one way and a steeple that goes another.

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