Sunday, August 3, 2008

Week 20 pictures

Amy left yesterday for an HIV/AIDS conference in Mexico City. She'll be there until Thursday, then fly to Boise to meet me there for Jeremy Field's wedding on Saturday. Before she left I snapped a few photos for the blog since she is starting to show--just before I took these pictures we were at the grocery store and the checkout lady asked if we were expecting, she's the first person to ask that (at least when I've been around). She then asked if the baby was a girl, and when we said yes she told us she knew it was because Amy was carrying her high.

There are also a couple pictures of us from last weekend when we had Jim and Nancy Young over for dinner. Sister Young took some pictures of us that night and emailed them to us later. We got to know the Youngs when Brother Young was a counselor in the Bishopric of our singles ward--and if it weren't for Sister Young's prayers on my behalf I may never have found and married Amy. Sister Young also took on the planning and arrangement of the food at our wedding reception, and we are incredibly grateful for that (if you were there, you know how good the food was).

In these pictures you'll also notice my lovely wife's beautiful new haircut. Also be warned that the last picture contains kissing.

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Brooke said...

Amy! You are so beautiful and you are going to be a fabulous mother! I am so excited for you and how fun that you are starting to show! You look great!!