Sunday, July 13, 2008

Vietnam Trip - April 20th to May 9th, 2008

We decided it was about time to post some pictures from my Vietnam trip. I found out that I was pregnant about a week before I was scheduled to leave. I decided not to take any antimalarial drugs and just wear bug repellant as a precaution. Vietnam has actually done a great job of eliminating malaria though, so it was a low risk area. I was not prepared however, for the persistent nausea and fatigue. It was tough traveling in the rural areas especially. The Vietnamese are so friendly and hospitable. It is customary to put things into other peoples bowls for them to eat, especially guests. Not eating enough was a big insult. I had a very hard time eating almost everything, much less snake fish, slimy greens, and chicken feet! In Hanoi the remnants of French colonialism provide some great restaurants and bakeries. Even that was hard to eat some days though. It was a wonderful experience and much smoother than most work trips, but I was still so happy to come home to my own kitchen!

Baby News: the second appointment at the nurse midwives went well. The nurse was surprised to feel the baby kicking so early. She said that we "have a very active baby". We have been feeling it moving for about a week now. It makes things seem more real to feel it moving at odd times through out the day. We are scheduled to have an ultra sound on July 25th that will tell us whether our little swimmer is a boy or a girl!

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Emily said...

great pics amy!

the mixed architecture on the cathedrals with pagodas is fascinating--i never got to see those in any of my humanities classes!

sooooo sorry about the chicken feet--you're my hero for making through those. . . bleh!

and i like your blue earrings.