Sunday, May 4, 2008

Africa: Video Edition

Here are some videos that we took on our trip to Uganda. The first is shot out the window of our bus on the way to the park. The noise you hear is the bus's gets annoying after about 5 hours:

Here is one of the many warthogs we encountered near the lodge and hostel at Queen Elizabeth Park:

Another warthog--we didn't notice this guy until we had been looking at the birds for five minutes--kind of startling to look over and see this guy two feet away:

A bigfoot sighting:

Our guide let us know that we had actually seen the alpha male of the chimpanzees we were looking for. We tracked this guy a little ways back through the trees. After a while he decided that we needed to know who was in charge, so we got the following display:

I don't think the video does that justice--it was very loud, plus when all the other chimps joined in it was from above and behind us. Sort of like "we've got you surrounded and can tear you to pieces if we feel like it."

This next clip is pretty amusing. Just when you think you're in the middle of nowhere, your guide decides to ruin the illusion:

He was actually calling the other guides to let them know we'd found the chimps--so they could bring the other tourists to have a look...

Here's one last video, a pretty good close up of the alpha male chimp. We have a bunch more video and will try to post them soon.

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