Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Ok I realize its April and we're just getting around to putting up these Christmas photos. I also realize that we haven't actually told anyone that we have a blog yet so I'm writing this to no one. But we have big plans for this blog, as soon as we get it up-to-date (maybe I should say if we get it up-to-date, we'll tell everyone to go look at it. I at least want to get our Africa pictures on here before we tell everyone to look at this, since most of you will be more interested in what we did last month as opposed to last year. That said, here are some long overdue Christmas images. As you see in this first video we had our very own Christmas tree (which we cut down ourselves), expertly decorated by Amy--I tried to help, but when Amy found out that my idea of decorating the tree was to quickly wrap the lights around the thing and turn them on, I was banned from touching the tree. So instead I took a nap while Amy made it look nice. Check it out:

Amy also made homemade stockings for us to hang on our fireplace:

We have a pet hamster, Pumba (also known as Pupa). She likes to explore neat new places to hide from us. We had a lot of fun putting her in the Christmas tree and letting her climb around in there:

Here is some sweet live action:

And a picture of Pumba opening her Christmas present:

We spent the actual holidays up in New York with Amy's family. We had a nice relaxing time and enjoyed spending time with everyone. It was especially nice to see Amy's brother Paul, who Amy hadn't seen for 15 months and I had never met--he recently returned from 15 months in Iraq with the Army. Here we are at the Binghamton Airport when he arrived for the holidays:

The biggest adventure of the holidays was when our car died. We were on our way to pick up Goomie from the airport, fully loaded with Paul and Sue and all our things, when half-an-hour into the drive the Subaru decided to overheat and we blew the engine. Luckily we were close enough to home to be rescued from the cold, but the engine was toast and we ended up having to replace it. Fortunately Jim has friends in the car-fixing business and we were able to get a slightly used engine put in for a relatively cheap price (it was still very expensive, but a lot less than the Subaru dealer wanted to charge us).

Other than that we had a pretty peaceful vacation. We spent a lot of time reading, as evidenced by the following video. Sue brought back the first book in the Twilight Series from BYU, and Amy initially made fun of her after reading the description on the back cover. But then Amy started reading, and suddenly we found ourselves in this situation:

That's pretty much how the entire break went. Amy and I both love to read (and apparently Sue does too), so the best vacation is one where lots of reading gets done. Amy read all three of the series in less than 3 days, and highly recommends them to everyone. She was very very excited when she found out that there will be a fourth book.

We have tons more video of people opening presents and other Christmas-like activities, but we'll save those for when you come to visit and we can trap you into watching hours of our home movies. Here's one final photo of Amy with her Mom in their new Christmas pajamas:

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