Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Uganda, to be more precise. Amy was sent by her job in March to attend a conference in Kampala, Uganda. This was Amy's third trip to Africa--she went to Ivory Coast last year and Nigeria earlier this year. Normally the dates for her travel aren't nailed down until the last minute, which makes it hard for me to plan on going with her. This time, however, the conference dates were set, so I was able to request some time off and buy a ticket in advance and go with her.

Amy left a few days before her conference started, and I followed on March 4th, arriving halfway through the conference the next day. I hung out at the Speke Resort where we stayed, adjusting to the jetlag while the conference finished up. I was able to attend one of the conference sessions in which Amy was a presenter, which was neat. We went swimming in their huge pool and had a nice time.

On Saturday March 8th we took a long bus ride to Queen Elizabeth Park on the western border of Uganda, where we spent the next few days doing our best to see as many animals as possible. Instead of trying to tell you about everything we did in words, I've put together this slideshow with some narrative comments (click here to see a full screen version):

I would have taken more pictures on the bus ride back, but it was packed by the time we got on and I spent a few hours standing near the driver, doing my best not to go flying through the windshield.

We spent one day in Kampala shopping for souvenirs before heading home on the 14th. One of our flights was canceled, but fortunately we were able to get ourselves on another flight. It was a short hop to Ethiopia, then a 16 hour flight to DC (with a refueling stop in Rome). We're still trying to get Delta to credit our miles, but apparently if they cancel your flight (due to mechanical problems, not weather) they get to refuse to give you the miles--but that's a story for another blog entry.


Supercords said...

Can't believe you've been to Africa 3 times before I've even made it once. Lucky girl. And this post confirms for the hundredth time why delta sucks.

Emily said...

I love the pictures and I'm so glad you've joined blogdom. I especially like the lizard shot, the guy with the rainbow hat, and the village shots. And the flora shots. Well, hey, all the shots--you're a good photographer. The slideshow didn't go on to the yellow weaver described in the caption--just stayed at the warthog family--but that may just be our computer . ..

Blair said...

Hi Aaron and Amy,
So fun to see your Africa pictures --they are beautiful. And to have a job that sends you to Africa regularly! How do I get one of those? I may have to talk to y'all about that one . . .
Blair (Keller) Skidmore

Jeremy said...

Aaron, you should be working for National Geographic man. Those are great pictures

Starnes fam said...

Welcome to the blogging world! We're excited that we can keep in touch a little easier!
-The Starnes