Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thanksgiving Woodworking

For Thanksgiving we went to visit Amy's dad in the new house in Painted Post, NY that he and Judy and Luke just moved into. Judy had done a very good job of preparing the guestroom/honeymooner suite for us, complete with bubble bath and sparkling cider! Luke helped us figure out how to make the bath work, and we rewarded him by taking him to a movie. Tom did most of the cooking for the Thanksgiving meal, and everything turned out great (the sweet potatoes were a real hit). Goomie joined us and we all had a wonderful time together.

Amy and I had rescued a coffee table from my the house where I had been living, it was a beat-up old thing with a thick layer of shiny varnish all over. I didn't think it was worth keeping, but Amy thought that it had potential so we brought it with us to the new apartment. We hauled it up to New York with us to take advantage of her dad's expertise (and tools) to try to make it look nice. First we sanded off the old finish, then we painted the legs black and applied a more natural finish to the top. It looks 10 times better now and we proudly display it in our apartment.

Here are some pictures of us eating Thanksgiving dinner and working on the coffee table:

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Supercords said...

Hey Amy,

It seems you've turned over the blogging duties to your husband. As long as someone's doing it, I'm happy.

Nice job salvaging the coffee table. You always had a knack for seeing the potential in things.