Sunday, February 17, 2008


Here are some pictures from our Honeymoon in Vieques, Puerto Rico. Vieques is a small island off the main island of Puerto Rico and until recently was not really available to tourists as it was used by the US military for practice. Because that only ended a few years ago, Vieques has remained relatively unknown and untouched--the beaches are beautiful yet mostly deserted, there are some nice restaurants and a generally relaxed atmosphere--the perfect honeymoon getaway. In fact, the place where we stayed (Hector's by the Sea, highly recommeded!) has three guest houses and all three were occupied by honeymooners when we were there. Amy and I love this place. I was not surprised recently when I got my latest issue of National Geographic Adventure, and it listed Vieques as on of the world's 12 best adventure islands. Be sure to do the BioBay tour (the water glows in the dark!) and get your snorkel on (we saw tons of fish at Navio beach). I don't know why I'm telling you all this. I should be keeping it all a secret. Don't go to Vieques. You wouldn't like it. (Thanks to our buddy Reed for exposing us to this little gem when we visited him in Puerto Rico last February)

You'll notice we don't really have any pictures of the beaches--we were told not to take anything expensive to the beach with us. Since you can often be the only people on the beach, they've had problems with people getting things stolen while they are distracted by playing in the water. So we didn't take our big expensive camera to the beach, but we knew about this problem and had planned ahead. Or so we thought.

We bought this cool little waterproof digital camera that takes both video and still photos. The idea was to foil the ladrones by taking our camera into the water with us. We were also very excited about taking this toy on our snorkeling adventures to get some sweet shots of the fish. Unfortunately, after taking the camera into the water on our second day on the island it quickly malfunctioned and died. So we have a few videos from our first day on Vieques, but none of the cool underwater ones we had hoped to get. We were disappointed, but didn't let the lack of camera ruin our fun. (I'm happy to report that Sanyo replaced our camera with a new one, although I'm very hesitant to get this one wet...)

Anyways, here are some videos from the first day on Vieques. In this first one, Aaron frolicks on the beach, and Amy discovers the off button:

Amy frolicks on the beach, Aaron gets left behind:

The groom tries to impress his new bride with feats of strength, and fails:

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